In September 2017 I finished my circus studies with the disciplines aerial rope and floor acrobatics.
Already during these studies I discovered my passion for improvisation, dance and interdisciplinary performances.

I am working as performing artist and teacher in different frames. Improvisation is a life philosophy and has an essential role in my artistic works. The confrontation between the substance and the artistic form became fundamental during my path.

After finishing my circus education I was working with my first Company Kompanie Zwodrei which was founded in 2018 by Sidney Werner (double bass), Felix Demeyere (drums) and me (dance & acrobatics). Since April 2018 I am part of the music-theatre ensemble Das Wilde Klingen with which I am dancing regularly in Berlin.

Between October 2018 and March 2020 I was working as dancer and teacher for the choreograph and educator Kosmas Kosmopoulous and his non-profit organisation LUNAPARK. We worked together in „Mountains of Desire“ (2018), „Crossing the Freeway“ (2019) and „Unguarded Garden“ (2020).

My first full length performance solo fluid life had its Premiere in August 2021 in Berlin and was played several times since then – at last in Cammerspiele Leipzig.

From March 2021 until September 2021 I assisted Joanna Bassi in Regie for the clown show Robinson Clown of Theater Nadi in T-Werk Potsdam.

In December 2021 I founded the ongoing participatory dance project ResisTANZ which is dealing with sexualised violence on FLINTA*. Therefore I am working in a team of two sounddesigners, a visual artist and participating FLINTA* on dance videos. Since then new ResisTANZ videos are published on vimeo.

From the 7th of April until the 24th of July 2022 I was interpretating as a dancer KISS and INSTEAD OF ALLOWING SOMETHING TO RISE UP TO YOUR FACE DANCING BRUCE AND DAN AND OTHER THINGS of Tino Sehgal at MdbK Leipzig.

In 2022  I also performed in site-specific projects in Leipzig for urban collective and for studio urbanistan

Since October 2020 I am studying dramaturgy at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig which is broadening my knowledge of performance practice. During the studies we students get the chance to learn from different artists and scientists from different performing art fields. E.g. we did an artistic research for the collective Gob Squat during their research residency in December 2020 at Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig for their latest show 1984-BACK TO NO FUTURE.

Since November 2022 I lead the dance company performing for feminism with young FLINTA* laypersons which lead me to have a leading position for the KAOS-dance departement.

Besides my actual work at KAOS Leipzig I am in the middle of a research for DOKTOR SPIELE.