I was born the 15th of August 1992 in Berlin. In September 2017 I finished my circus studies with the disciplines aerial rope and floor acrobatics.
Already during these studies I discovered my passion for improvisation, dance and interdisciplinary performances.

I am working as performing artist and teacher in different frames. Improvisation is a life philosophy and has an essential role in my artistic works. Furthermore the collaboration with musicians shapes my path.

Besides irregular performances I perform regularly in these constallations:

„Kompanie Zwodrei“ was founded in march 2018 by Sidney Werner (double bass), Felix Demeyere (drums) and me (dance & acrobatics).

Since April 2018 I am part of the music-theatre ensemble „Das Wilde Klingen“.

I am working as dancer and teacher for the choreograph and educator Kosmas Kosmopoulous and his non-profit organisation „LUNAPARK“ since October 2018.

My new interdisciplinary performance solo „fluid life“ will be premiered the 12th and 13th of November in Ackerstadtpalast Berlin.

Apart from these projects I am teaching on a regular basis acrobatics and dance-acrobatics in Berlin.

Starting in October 2020 the studies of Dramaturgy at HMT Leipzig should give me a new insight and broaden my knowledge of performance practice.