Lea Hoffmann was born the 15th of August 1992 in Berlin. In September 2017 she finished her circus studies with the disciplines aerial rope and floor acrobatics.

Already during this studies she discovered her passion for dance and dance-acrobatics.

Lea Hoffmann is working as performing artist and teacher in different frames. Improvisation is a life philosophy and has an essential role in her artistic works. Furthermore the collaboration with musicians shapes her path.

In march 2018 she founded „Kompanie Zwodrei“ with Sidney Werner and Felix Demeyere.

Since April 2018 Lea Hoffmann is part of the music-theatre ensemble „Das Wilde Klingen“.

She is working as a dancer and teacher for the choreograph and educator Kosmas Kosmopoulous and his non-profit organisation „LUNAPARK“ since October 2018.

A new interdisciplinary project with Melina Brinkmann, Hannah Runge and Philipp Kessel will be performed during the 48h-Neukölln-Festival in June.

Apart from these projects she is teaching acrobatics and dance-acrobatics.