LUNAPARK / 2018-2020


LUNA PARK was founded in 2002 by the choreographer Kosmas Kosmopoulos as a non profit cultural organization in Athens/ Greece, where it is still based. It cooperates very closely with the non profit cultural association „Initiative LUNA PARK e.V.“ in Berlin/ Germany.

The aim of LUNA PARK is to support, advance and communicate art projects and activities across Europe. It refers to groups of performing and visual artists coming from different national and cultural backgrounds, thus, a certain number of its pursuits are designed for and realized in association with social and educational institutions.

In a number of projects, developed and produced in Athens and Berlin, LUNA PARK’s professional standards of artistic practice and research have also been apparent in the organization, supervision and function of the workshops associated to its projects.

LUNA PARK is directed by the visual artist Dr. Georgia Touliatou and the composer Antonios Palaskas (best known as Anthony P). Works of LUNA PARK have been presented in Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, South Africa and North Macedonia.

Unguarded Garden / 2020


LUNA PARK / Kosmas Kosmopoulos
03. Januar 2020
Fr 03.01.20 18:00 Uhr Uferstudio 1 Uferstudios GmbH

Die Recherche findet in einem eigenartigen Zwischenraum statt, der exponiert ist, aber auch geschützt, geheim wie ein unbewachter Garten. Ein unbewachter Garten, in dem man sich verstecken kann, spielen, die Routinen des Alltags vergessen, sich entspannen, träumen … aber wer nicht aufpasst, kann sich in seinem Inneren verirren und gute oder böse Überraschungen erleben. Es ist wie in einem anderen Garten von Gethsemane, in welchem die Besucher versuchen, dem göttlichen Willen zu entkommen, indem sie ihren eigenen Sehnsüchten folgen. Wo schon ein einfacher Kuss den Lauf ihres Lebens verändern kann. Und irgendwo dazwischen balancierst Du.

Produktion: Initiative LUNA PARK und Kosmas Kosmopoulos in Zusammenarbeit mit der Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule im Rahmen einer Langzeit-Künstlerresidenz.


Performance: Aaron Burrows, Lea Hoffmann, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Maya Milet, Jung-hwi (Jay) Park, Tabea Wittulsky, Jocaste Zografou-Mantzakidou | Künstlerische Leitung, Konzept und Choreografie: Kosmas Kosmopoulos | Musik und Komposition: Sam Hertz | Ausstattung: Lia Rutenberg, Kosmas Kosmopoulos | Text und dramaturgische Beratung: Kai Pichmann | Produktionsleitung und Kommunikation: Michael Ludwig Tsouloukidse

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Crossing the freeway / 2019


Dance Performance „Crossing the Freeway“
LUNA PARK / Kosmas Kosmopoulos

September 27, 2019, 7:00 pm
September 28, 2019, 7:00 pm
September 29, 2019, 5:00 pm

UFER_STUDIOS (Studio 14), Berlin

Cast & crew credits

Performance: Angeliki Anargyrou, Lea Hoffmann, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Heun Min Kim, Nikos Evangelos Nikolaou, Elton Petri / Artistic direction, concept and choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos / Original music: Antonios Palaskas / Stage design and costumes: Michael Graessner / Technique and light design: Andreas Harder und Dimitrios Stamatis / Text and dramaturgical advice: Kai Pichmann / Production and public relations: Michael Ludwig Tsouloukidse / Photography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto und Gm Touliatou

Production: Initiative LUNA PARK / Kosmas Kosmopoulos in collaboration with the Gesundbrunnen primary school Berlin-Wedding, supported within the framework of the project „ANPASSUNGEN“, through funds from the project fund of QM Badstraße, as part of the federal program „Soziale Stadt“.


Nature, that once gave birth to humankind, has now to be protected from him. Not for its own sake, but because humankind cannot survive without it. But mankind grows, and so does the need for energy and resources. Those regions, which do not belong to the centres of prosperity, suffer the most from the unrestrained exploitation of resources. There, this exploitation causes not only widespread ecological devastation, but also increasingly brutal distribution and expulsion wars. Both inevitably lead to flows of refugees and entire migrations

The western prosperity society builds toad tunnels under their highways, beyond them bridges for wild animals, on their way from A to B: Crossing the Freeway, to avoid the murderous buildings of highly industrialized civilization. At the same time, the last escape routes for humans were blocked.

Using an existential, reduced dance language, the Greek-born choreographer and deprived area school teacher Kosmas Kosmopoulos tries what seems to be impossible: Crossing the Freeway. Freedom is always the freedom of the others – of those who have no obstacles in their way?

Crossing the Freeway is the fourth piece created by the Greek-German artistic production community LUNA PARK. As in Lesson to the Fourth, Capture & discard and Mountains of Desire, the rehearsals took place equally in Athens and Berlin, thus creating a connection between the dancers of the two local scenes. The rehearsals in Berlin take place in the Gesundbrunnen Primary School in Wedding and are coupled with several workshops for pupils. Thereby, the choreographer Kosmas Kosmopoulos tries to open up the school as a place of culture and encounter and to integrate it into everyday artistic life. Crossing the Freeway, like its predecessors, was created against the background of this experience. Again, the music comes from Antonios Palaskas, Greek Electro Pop pioneer and co-founder of the bands Stereo Nova and Supermarket. This time, his narrative, atmospheric beats are based on the famous 1980s computer game Pac-Man. But while Beckett’s „Try again. Fail again. Fail better.“ may sound like a digital game manual, the dancers in Crossing the Freeway wonder: What, if there is only one (last) attempt? The days of failure seem to be counted.