Ana-Anansi Performingarts Festival Berlin


Last performance during Performingarts Festival:

01.06.19 at 9pm at ACUD-Theater, Berlin

“Das Wilde Klingen” is an improvised chamber opera.
6 instrumentalists and 1 dancer improvise on different creation mythologies. They integrate the different niches and spaces of the church in their acoustic explorations and use the church organ in an experimental way. They are especially interested in the role of women, who act as (co-)creators in the myths. The premiere was on may 6th, 2017 at Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Berlin, with the financial support of Kiezfond Kolonnenstraße.

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Eutalia de Carvalho – Gesang

Theo Jörgensmann – Klarinette

Edith Steyer – Klarinette, Altsaxophon

Tommaso Vespo/Rieko Okuda – Kirchenorgel, Klavier

Horst Nonnenmacher – Kontrabass

Sofia Borges – Percussion

Lea Hoffmann – Tanz

Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio – Performance

Scott Weiner – Licht (Video)