ResisTANZ / 2021 / 2022

ResisTANZ is a participatory dance project that processes sexualised violence.

Sadly sexualised violence on female read is a current and all affecting topic. Many people don´t experience justice – neither through their direct environment nor through the judicial system – and often just because of their identity.

ResisTANZ is a personal process through the artistic expression of dance improvisation. Therefore we are working on dance videos as an art product that is proof of their experiences of sexualised violence.

The very individual body memory of each participating female read in the context of this group of themes gets expressed by their dance improvisation.

Her dance, her choice of space and a created soundscape are creating her personal transformation space – in form of a short video.

We are a group of one dancer, two musicians and one graphic designer whos aim is to enhance communication, consciousness and self-empowerment after the experiences of sexualised violence. We hope to encourage each other to keep on moving – personally, artisticly and politically.

4th video of ResisTanz 2022

8th of October

watch stamm below!

3rd video of ResisTanz 2022

8th ofJuly

watch cemento below!

2nd video of ResisTanz 2022

10th of May

watch kindheitsort below!

International feminist day 2022 first video publishing of ResisTanz 2022!

watch nullpunkt below

ResisTanz 2022 was financially supportet by StuRa HMT and Studierendenwerk Leipzig Kulturförderung

The first three ResisTanz videos tümpel im auwald, hektar and aire were published in December 2021 as a starting point to the long term project in 2022:

ResisTanz 2021 was financially supportet by StuRa HMT and Studierendenwerk Leipzig Kulturförderung

D21/LAB: Kein Ort, sondern ein Zustand - D21 Kunstraum Leipzig

ResisTanz cooperates with:

poster and flyer by Giulia Cabassi

sounddesign by Léo Marchand & Lise Sutter